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Amazon Echo wall clock


Amazon has their wall clock on sale right now for a great price of $24.99


I picked one up. I think it will work well with the kids and having a visual representation of how much time they have left on tv/tablets/etc.



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I had a buddy order one a couple weeks ago. Things to note if you look into it and aren't aware of them:

1) This does not have Alexa built in so it cannot accept commands

2) It will do exactly 2 things - tell the correct time, and display timers you've set with Alexa (via some other device as noted above cannot receive commands on its own)

3) It cannot show you timers that you've set using the Echo Tap - not sure why the only battery powered Alexa device is hated by Amazon and excluded from most of their stuff, but it isn't the first time the Tap hasn't been able to interact with other echo devices despite no real technical limitation



I am mostly interested in:

  • Perfect time since it syncs with Alexa device
  • Mostly want it for the countdown leds

I have a Echo Plus which has the built in hub so I am good to go.