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So it's that time of year over here. Haying season is in full swing for this valley. I have always had a little bit of hay fever. After fighting it for about a week, I picked up some Claritin Clear. I have never used it before, but so far today I am doing 100% better.  I feel bad for others that have all sorts of allergies. Anyone else allergic to something?

C Pav

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I don't have allergies really but let me tell you about my wife, son and father-in-law. They have them BAD.


That pill worked great yesterday, No runny nose of watery eyes at all. Took another today as well.


No but we have a prescription nose spray that helps. He fights any medicine like a bear.
You better get that boy in wrestling soon, seems like he's ready for it.



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Ya the old farmers didn't do much in the way of protection for themselves.
That was with a mask on. Regular oats doesn't cause any issues. Panting like a dog when shoveling that stuff. Don't know if it was anaphylactic or an asthma but, couldn't get enough O2.