Allergic to certain metals


Are you, or have you ever known anyone allergic to certain metals? I know there are quite a few people allergic to nickel out there. I know copper is another big one with people. I know I like the feeling on titanium on my skin. I have a titanium watch and a titanium handled pocket knife and I the metal just feels 'good' to me. It's strange. I know there are women that can't wear necklaces or earrings because of the types of metals they use and will break out in a rash. Anyone bothered by certain metals?


This is a under looked issue for some people. Women tend to have a higher allergy response to nickel due to wearing jewelry more. The more the body is exposed to a foreign material and as one ages, the higher chance of allergy. Also, a lot of dental work uses nickel in it, like amalgam "mercury" fillings and metal crowns. Technically, all foreign materials cause some type of immune response, but it depends on the strength of that person's own immune system if they show any noticeable signs of a negative reaction.