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All things related to the PS4

C Pav

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Looking good but if you have a Pro!

I never left just hibernated and for me it's The Show that will get me to dust it off. Different interests for different people. Have not played the past several God of Wars anyway.


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Do you feel so much better now? Posting news that isn't news because it's how it always has been and always will be just because of how the market is?
I knew someone would chime in. Hey don't shoot the messenger, was just on another site and saw it and thought it was impressive numbers. You know your always welcome to post Xbox sales figures as well.
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That's what you said 3 weeks ago? Who is everyone? Your friends list? Are the players really terrible given they should've been able to complete the game by now? I don't understand?

Reviews are great, it's insomniac games, it has a lot going for it... I would like to find time to eventually play it, but honestly I haven't heard jack about it since it's launch.


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Ya all my friends lists is solid Spiderman, I did fire up and start Gravity Rush 2. I don't know kinda in a low with games, it's really hard to keep my interests anymore.
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