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Air guns - BB, pellet, etc..


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I was thinking of getting a new pellet air gun. These are always good to have around for fun, practice on the cheap, pest control, and can be legal in city limits. We had a classic Daisy model which was a multi-pump that shot BB's and pellets. It was a 20 pump model for max velocity, but becomes tedious after awhile. The new multi-pumps are around 8-10. On mine, the air chamber isn't working right and doesn't hold the air well. I took it apart several times to clean, check the gasket seals, but everything looks good, everything was well oiled and in good order, must be missing something.

So I got to looking at options and there is a huge market out there for them. You have many different types of ways to supply air, then there's the caliber, 17,22,25,30,45, and even 50. Airpyramid.com has some of the best info out there and sells all kinds. I am most interesting in one that you generate your own energy (multi-pump, spring, gas spring. I'm looking at the Gamo Swarm Maxxim gas spring break barrel in 22 cal. It's featured packed and has a 10 round rotary magazine. By just leveraging the barrel once, you get an instant round that gives you a comparable velocity as the multi-pump at max. They also put a sound dampening system on it to reduce a bit the already softer sound air guns normally give you. This air gun has gotten very good reviews overall, and the 22 is more accurate than it's 17 version, and a little better option for pests. The only thing holding me back is the longevity of it. Anytime something is made with a lot of features for an ok price, they usually cheapen out somewhere.

The rotary mag and single cocking action is a great feature, but there are many more options that give you much better velocities, but are a single manual load, which also would be more reliable in the long run. I'll probably do more research on these before picking one up.


Anyone have any they like or prefer?



I think Benjamin makes decent ones. You on the right site for them. My dad has an upper line air gun but I don't know which model. They are great for cities and towns since they are quite and usually legal. They can be very accurate as well. It's funny because just yesterday a coworker brought in a Crossman pistol BB gun that he just bought. I was telling him about mine (which we still have) that I got when I was about 10 and how I loved to shoot it at cans etc. It's amazing how much fun I use to have with a box of copperhead BBs.