Adult daycares, the new generation of workers


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I have seen a few of these videos posted on this new generation of "Workers", and I will say that with sarcasm. This is what the new generation believes work is. We are seeing increasingly more workers thinking that this is the new way jobs are. The sad part is these folks are probably getting paid more than you or I. 



Works for Sony
Sounds like Twitter was paying on average $400 per meal while working at Twitter. I don't even know how that is possible?
It's easily possibly. "Almost no one came into the office" - yet they also then had to pay chef's and possibly other staff to keep the dining areas with food, pay for the ingredients to go into meals, utilities to run the cooking devices etc. Add all the costs up that would normally be averaged out across a lot of employees and instead only average it against the few that did come into the office.