1. nodle

    No one wanting to work anymore

    I don't know if this is fallout from getting people addicted to those high unemployment wages or what, but is anyone else seeing in their areas people not wanting to work anymore? As far as I know most of the high unemployment benefits are done now, but people are still refusing to go back to...
  2. nodle

    Your ultimate job

    I was talking to a friend about this the other day. You are given a chance in life to work at any place that you want to. What company would you work for, and what position? I will add mine later but I am interested in what you will choose.
  3. nodle

    Why a medieval peasant got more vacation time than you

  4. nodle

    Customers or a Boss hounding you right when you walk in to work

    You know when I come into work, just give me 5 minutes to at least take my jacket off, or sit down for a few minutes to check my email or at least let me take one drink of my coffee. I think every job that I have ever worked at this happens. I am here 8 hours a day, give me my 5 minutes at the...
  5. J

    What do you do for a living?

    I have an idea that everyone on this forum who is active is familiar with technology. This may be the reason why I come back because I like knowing I have a place to visit. I work in IT, but went to school for Computer Networking & Security. Some certs I would like to get would be A+ and...
  6. nodle

    Good things you have done at work

    After the popular thread of bad things you have done at work lets do another. This one is all the good things that you have done at work. I'll start us off. I must say for the 13 years I worked in IT I feel pretty proud not only of my work but the way we treated people. @C Pav can account to...
  7. nodle

    Bad things you have done at your work

    Let's post thing bad things that we have done at our work. Please don't use the location or companies names. I'll start us off. One of my very first jobs one evening I thought it would be cool to miss pool chemicals together. Little did I know that ammonia and bleach don't go together. Let's...
  8. D

    Madhouse after holidays

    Seems like everyone (after taking the month of December off) when they come back after the holidays, need things fixed yesterday.
  9. nodle

    How do so many people take vacations all the time?

    Explain something to me, why does it seem like everyone is on vacation all the time? I have a few friends of mine that always seem like they are on vacation. There are two things that come into play here, the money and being able to get the time off to go. The money isn't that big of the...
  10. C Pav

    Nostalgic memories with friends thread.

    This thread is for memories you recall with friends. Main reason is because soon a friend of near 13 years will be moving away. @nodle you will be missed so here it goes. Remember always going over to Greene Drug to get snacks and drinks? Sharing pretzels while working on computers. How about...
  11. ryanator

    How to look busy at work - the Costanza way.

    One of my favorite Seinfeld episodes, where George Costanza looks annoyed or frustrated while at his desk to make it look like he's extremely busy. Below the video are 10 tips from 1 - Never walk without a document...