1. nodle

    Picnic table

    Built an entire Picnic table yesterday. I thought it would had been a harder job. Only took a couple of hours. Wood material ran about $83.00 followed by about $35 in hardware. We also went a little higher with the legs so it wasn't so low to the ground. Now I need to get some sort of stain and...
  2. nodle


    Man this guy has a nice setup for his woodshop. Great relaxing video.
  3. D

    Woodstock 94 - 99

    Who can remember the bands? 99 things got ugly. 
  4. nodle

    Barnwood Builders

    Has anyone else see this show? My Dad is currently into watching it. Just watched a couple tonight and it's not bad. Crazy to think there is a market to tear down old building and then re-assemble them. http://www.diynetwork.com/shows/barnwood-builders
  5. nodle

    Old English furniture scratch cover

    So me and my wife went antique shopping the other day and found an awesome desk from 1920 that was in really good shape. It had a couple of scratches here and there, but for being from that area it was in mint condition. I came home that evening and tried some sprays etc. to clean it but...
  6. nodle

    The Ultimate Workbench

    Looks like something from @ryanator fantasy.