1. nodle

    Is warming up your car hard on the engine?

    I don’t know if I quite agree with this. I do trust Popular Mechanics but I think I will stick with letting mine warm up. Warming your car up in the cold just harms your engine
  2. D

    Storm Coming

    With some freezing rain preceding, will it be like the ice storm on April 1st 1997? Winds up to 45 MPH they say. Our work let out at 1:00 PM. I hope jmanz isn't traveling in this. If so, keep safe sir.
  3. nodle

    Summer clothing to soon

    Every year these retail stores just like they do with the Holidays, end up pushing out seasonal stuff way to soon. Take Winter clothes, they are all on clearance right now. Hats, gloves, etc. They already have swim suits out, t-shirts, sandals etc. This is great for us that live in places that...
  4. nodle

    Getting garage furnace ready for winter

    Was an interesting day with some projects. Me and my dad worked on getting our furnace out in our garage up to a working state. One of those things that are suppose to be a quick project but ends up turning into more. First off we had to take the glass cover off. Someone before we bought the...
  5. nodle

    Eating more in the winter

    I have noticed that within the last couple of month I seem to want to eat a lot more. Basically I think it's your body going into hibernation. Has anyone else noticed this change lately or is it just me?
  6. nodle

    Ice ice baby

    How is everyone's roads?