1. nodle

    U.S.A's Space Force

    I thought I might as well make a thread about this, because there will be more and more talk about this in the future. I think everyone laughed when Trump announced the program and the name. But it is making it's rounds in the news. I think there needs to be a focus on it (even though I believe...
  2. D

    We Support Our Troops

    We do. Too bad our troops are hoodwinked into do the bidding of the Central Bankers and Big Oil. Perhaps we would truly be supportive if we insisted they come home. 2 trillion dollars has been been spent in each campaign. I. E. Libya, Iraq etc...
  3. D

    Syria is the starting point?

  4. D

    Are We Nearing Civil War?

    Trump has had many accomplishments since his election. Yet his enemies in the media and their deep state allies have often made a purgatory of his presidency.
  5. D

    Russian FM Warns US Not to Strike Syrian Pro-Government Forces

    Keep your eye on this arena. What they do next will tell you if the CIA/Neocon material support and policies remain. US Must Take Steps to Prevent Further Clashes With Syrian Forces
  6. D

    Florida sheriff urged citizens to arm themselves in self-defense saying “this is war.”

  7. nodle

    What country do you think we will goto war with next?

    If you were to pick a country that we would goto war with next, which one would you choose?