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  1. nodle

    Star Wars: The Last Jedi

    Here we go again!
  2. nodle

    The Mummy

    Yes another Mummy movie.
  3. nodle

    Ghost In The Shell

    One of the first anime way back in the day that I watched when it was kinda underground. Crazy to think all these years later they are making it into a live action movie.
  4. nodle

    Zelda the movie

    Wish this a full blown movie.
  5. nodle

    Stranger Things

    Looks good. Like the 80's look to it.
  6. nodle

    The Neon Demon

  7. nodle

    Assassin's Creed - Trailer

  8. nodle

    Doctor Strange

  9. nodle

    Rogue One - Star Wars

    Well so it begins again.
  10. nodle

    X-Men: Apocalypse

  11. nodle

    Sausage Party

    @C Pav you should take your family to this. Looks like good fun for the whole family.
  12. nodle

    Ghostbusters Trailer

  13. nodle

    Pete's Dragon

  14. nodle

    Pee Wee's big holiday

    My body is ready!
  15. nodle

    Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates

    There are some good movies starting to come out.
  16. nodle

    Repairing an old trailer

    So basically we had been borrowing a small trailer to haul some stuff around here lately but my Dad's friend said he had an old trailer we could come get. We went over and picked up up today and it is sweet. Needs new wood siding and flooring, but frame is mint and tires are good. It's also a...
  17. nodle

    Daddy's home

    Went to the movie last night and saw this. So nice to be able to go to movies again. But as far as the movie goes I was getting bored with it. It's ok for a rental but I wouldn't recommend it in a theater.
  18. nodle

    Neighbors 2 trailer

    Looks kinda funny. NSFW.
  19. nodle

    Ash vs Evil Dead

    I have heard some good stuff about this show. Has anyone watched it yet?
  20. nodle

    Captain America - Civil War

    It looks good!