1. nodle

    To many choices these days for everything

    Does anyone find that we actually have to many choices for everything these days? We have so many things to choose from that we don't end up choosing anything at all. Look at all the subscription services these days, from television to video games. Take Netflix for example, so many things to...
  2. nodle

    HBO Max

    Anyone use HBO Max? Is it worth it? They have quite the series and movies on there.
  3. nodle

    Disney +

    What's everyone new take on the new Disney +? Something that your interested in? I'm not really I have most of the Disney movies so it's not that big of a deal to me. I think they would had been better just to add everything to Netflix.
  4. nodle

    Has 4K not really caught on?

    You know I use to love the whole 3D phase. I know it just kinda died out. But the same seems to be with 4K. I mean it seems like it's not really accepted at all. Shoot we have a 4K tv and I don't think I have ever watched anything 4K on it. The stores sell very few 4K movies or shows. It reminds...
  5. nodle

    Boomerang television

    Signed up for a year of Boomerang for my Daughter. Basically it has all the old classics on it. From Looney Tunes, to the Flintstones. At least she can watch what we grew up on. Price is decent for a year as well.
  6. nodle

    R.I.P. Anthony Bourdain

    I was sad/shocked to see this new this morning. I really liked this guy. Liked his attitude and the way he spoke. I thought his job would always be the best. Such a shame. Anthony Bourdain dead at 61
  7. D

    How the Big Screens Were Made in the 50's

  8. nodle

    American Gladiators

    Who remembers watching this show? I did quite a bit growing up after school. It made me want to go watch this classic Malibu video:
  9. nodle

    HD tv antennas

    Has any one used, or recommend a HD tv antenna? One of those flat shaped ones. Some come with a usb plug to amplify the signal also. I think the Mohu Leaf was a popular one. But now Amazon has so many knockoffs.
  10. nodle

    V: The Series

    Does anyone remember the original growing up? Man this show use to give me nightmares. It was the original "Reptilian People".
  11. nodle

    Barnwood Builders

    Has anyone else see this show? My Dad is currently into watching it. Just watched a couple tonight and it's not bad. Crazy to think there is a market to tear down old building and then re-assemble them.
  12. nodle

    F is for Family

    Anyone watched or heard of this show? Someone posted the opening trailer and it seemed funny. Anyways watched any episodes?
  13. nodle

    The Netflix & Amazon Prime Recommendation Thread

    For us with Netflix streaming, post what movies or shows that you would recommend to other streamers.
  14. nodle

    V the television series

    Does anyone remember this show growing up? Still gives me nightmares thinking about it.
  15. nodle

    Television hijack weirdness

  16. nodle

    Ducktales after school everyday

    Everyday after school i use to watch this...
  17. nodle


    Does anyone remember this show? It was so cool, I loved the helicopter.