1. nodle

    Solo stove

    I have been looking at a new fire pit, and have been seeing these all over the place. They are called a solo stove. Basically a modernized fire pit to draw in air and make no smoke. They are pretty hot around here.
  2. nodle

    Corn Hole

    Is this game big where your at? This seems like a Southern game, but I know it seems to have caught on and is quite popular here. I have never played it myself.
  3. nodle


    So with Summer on it's way yet once again, the thought of camping entices me with feelings of joy. I ran across this guys videos that sells this portable fire box. They are neat devices that pack easy and setup fast. I love watching his videos though, they are very relaxing.
  4. nodle


    Well we all do it at one time or another in life. Go outside to enjoy the nice weather and you think to yourself "Hey I will be ok for awhile", You don't notice anything until evening sets on, and then you can feel it. We went to the lake a few times this weekend and I thought "I will be fine...
  5. nodle

    Summer clothing to soon

    Every year these retail stores just like they do with the Holidays, end up pushing out seasonal stuff way to soon. Take Winter clothes, they are all on clearance right now. Hats, gloves, etc. They already have swim suits out, t-shirts, sandals etc. This is great for us that live in places that...