1. nodle

    Comic subscription services

    Just wondering if anyone uses a comic subscription based service here. I see the two big ones out there are: I am in the mood to catch up on some series.
  2. nodle

    Arby's Just Launched a Subscription Service

    Did you get in on it @C Pav ? Arby's Just Launched a Subscription Service & It Sold Out Almost Instantly
  3. nodle


    I didn't know Amazon had this, but just ran across it. Apparently it is an Amazon company as well. You pay a monthly fee $5.99, then can read unlimited comics etc. This shows how it works: I wonder if @O-Tron has used this?
  4. nodle

    Starz subscription service

    I see Starz now has a subscription service that ties in with Amazon. I was recently looking at it since it has so many Disney movies. Not to bad at $8.99 a month. Has anyone used it yet?