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  1. nodle

    Why Wifi is Illegal in Green Bank, West Virginia

    Pretty interesting!
  2. nodle

    Strange Phenomena under hydroelectric plant tunnels

    It looks like some sort of pulsating fog.
  3. nodle


    Has anyone played this game? I had always hear so much about it and the reviews were always positive. I started it yesterday, i'm not to far in but it's kinda cool, and the weirdness factor is great! Reminds me of Maniac Mansion on the old NES system (use to be a favorite game of mine). So have...
  4. nodle

    Mysterious lights over Milwaukee 2/27/18

    What do you think?
  5. nodle

    Deep State - something strange is happening on the internet

    So I have been wanting to post this for awhile, but after @Davidc post today about google I thought I would. There is something strange happening lately on the internet. I don't really know how to explain it, but it's mass hatred for anything good and the right wing. Now everyone can have an...
  6. nodle

    "Look at that thing!" Newly released UFO video

    Newly released video of UFO encounter with Navy FA-18 Super Hornet from Defense Department's Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program Source
  7. nodle

    Mini EMP attack in La, New York, & San Francisco?

    So i guess the power is out in LA, New York, and San Francisco. Don't you think that is quite odd? Massive power outage hits San Francisco, shuts down businesses, BART station, traffic lights Maybe a test from Russia? They made this comment earlier this week... Russia claims it can wipe out...
  8. nodle

    Strange whispers from abandoned mine

    Saw this last night (probably not the best thing to watch before bed). Apparently this guy has tons of videos but not on the paranormal, just mine explorations. Why someone would do this is beyond me. Noises start at the 12:00 mark.
  9. nodle

    Cows eating Skittles?

  10. nodle

    Obama and the seagull

    I have to admit it is strange. Little do most people know that what you may actually be seeing is a piece of technology. Many animals were trained to be spies back in the day. I won't even get into nano-technology. Can you say Russian spy?
  11. nodle

    Buzz Aldrin "We are all in Danger. It is evil itself"

    So apparently Buzz Aldrin was in Antarctica,  and tweeted this strange pyramid photo on his official Twitter page, then it was pulled down but people got to save it. Also what is strange was John Kerry was just down there. What is with all these people going to Antarctic all of a sudden? Hidden...
  12. nodle

    Strange flag found hidden in Wikileaks email

    So apparently this strange flag was found in in a Wikileaks email using steganography. It's strange, the owl is used in many things from our money to the first thing that I thought of was the Bohemian Grove. Real? Fake? Source
  13. nodle

    Sea monster vs. the submarine UB-85

    I love reading stories like these. Mysterious U-boat may have been found.
  14. nodle

    The Mandela Effect

    Has anyone ever heard of this? My wife actually believes this. It all started with The Berenstein Bears, or should I say The Berenstain Bears. I have to admit some of the stuff I remember being different. Does anyone else? More here on the subject.
  15. nodle

    The clown sightings across America

    Does anyone find it strange all the clown sightings across America lately? I have kinda held off making a post because I thought it would fade away, but it seems like more and more sightings. I wonder if this is some mass media promo for Steven Kings remake of "IT", or if it's just a bunch of...
  16. nodle

    Germans told to stock up for a disaster

    I kinda find this strange. Can you imagine America telling it's Citizens this? Source
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