1. C Pav

    The sports cards mega thread

    I think anything relating to collectable or able to be scalped is seeing insane prices. Take sports cards. You laugh and give me a hard time but if you only knew how utterly insane it has blown up. You don't know the pain I can't shake from selling my pride and joy Shaq and Kobe collection back...
  2. nodle

    Sports parents (don't be that guy)

    So here is a little story I thought I would tell. So my Daughter is doing soccer again this year. She is on a team with 5-6 other young kids. Once a week on Saturdays they meet up and practice and play against another random young team. So we are standing there with some other parents this last...
  3. nodle

    American Gladiators

    Who remembers watching this show? I did quite a bit growing up after school. It made me want to go watch this classic Malibu video: