1. ryanator


    So mattresses, which one do you have and why? I was due for a new one and like usual, did a lot of research before buying one. I looked around locally, but things were the same, high markups, and have to do the negotiation game like buying a vehicle. Online bed in the box companies, which is...
  2. nodle

    Is waking up early bad for your health?

    As I was laying in bed this morning this thought came across my mind, "is waking up unnaturally bad for your health"? I mean obliviously your body is telling you it's not ready when you wake up and are still tired. So as we all do setting an alarm clock and then interrupting your sleep cycle is...
  3. nodle

    Mysterious sleeping sickness could spread

    A leading Russian professor investigating the causes of the mysterious sleeping disorder affecting hundreds of residents in Kalachi, a village in northern Kazakhstan, believes that the disease could spread, and admits that scientists are still unsure as to what is causing it. His warning comes...
  4. nodle


    Seems like the older I get the more i enjoy my sleep. I mean sometimes when I take my power naps on lunch I wake up and think "wow I love to sleep". No one bugs you, your body and mind feel like a fresh defrag etc. Does anyone else know what I mean? Even going to bed seems fun in a strange way.