1. nodle

    Lava Lamps

    Who else likes Lava Lamps? I have always enjoyed the look and calmness to them. I got a real nice one for a present last Christmas. Anyways, wife got a smaller one for free from a lady. I just had to find a unique 25watt bulb and it's back working just fine. They basically never go bad. I...
  2. nodle

    Endel App

    Ran across this thought it was interesting. There are quite a few of these types out there. Actually work, or just hocus pocus?
  3. nodle


    So with Summer on it's way yet once again, the thought of camping entices me with feelings of joy. I ran across this guys videos that sells this portable fire box. They are neat devices that pack easy and setup fast. I love watching his videos though, they are very relaxing.