1. nodle

    Bookstores, where did they all go?

    I know with the rise of digital technology the age of bookstore has pretty much vanished. I remember what a treat it was to go in a Barnes & Nobles, or a Hastings to see the vast book selection. We still have a small bookstore in our town here. I use to visit it was I was a little kid. We went...
  2. nodle

    Age of Swords

    Just finished up part two to the Age of Myth book series posted here: This was just as good or if not better than the first book. There is also a third book to the series coming out in April 2018. They are a good fantasy book series.
  3. nodle

    Reading Instructions

    How many of you actually read instructions? Maybe it's a Man thing, but sometimes I just feel as if I know how to already do it. I don't want to take the time to sit down and read the instructions or booklet. I just want to get down to it. This is good most of the time, but then sometimes you...
  4. nodle

    Currently Reading

    Thought members could post what books they are currently reading.