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    AM3 motherboard with onboard video and RAID (hard to find)

    Kind of prefer Gigabyte but, can't seem to find and an AM3/+ that has both on-board video and RAID controller together in one board. Was looking at  Gigabyte AM3+ AMD 970 SATA 6Gbps USB 3.0 ATX AM3+ Socket DDR3 1600 Motherboards (GA-970A-DS3P) which has RAID but is missing on-board video. Looks...
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    To RAID or not to RAID?

    "Opponents of RAID will often say that any modern disk is fast enough for video editing and they are right, but only to a certain extent. As fill rates of disks go up, performance goes down, sometimes by 50%. As the number of disk activities on the disk go up , like accessing (reading or...
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