1. nodle

    Signal app

    I saw Elon Musk tweet about this awhile back. Looks like Snowden uses it as well.
  2. nodle

    Amazon sidewalk

    I know I am behind on my postings, but for you with Amazon devices make sure you disable this upcoming feature. It basically will share your WiFi with your neighbors in a way. More on it here...
  3. nodle

    IP Address is Not Enough to Identify Pirate, US Court of Appeals Rules

    About dam time, I have said this for so many years. There is way to much shared access these days. Source
  4. nodle

    Cloudflares new DNS

    Cloudflare announced today its first consumer product ever, the DNS service. Focused on speed and privacy, harnesses the power of the huge and widely distributed infrastructure built worldwide by Cloudflare to provide the fastest DNS service to date, according to DNSPerf, and as...
  5. nodle

    The battle of the VPNs

    So lets talk about VPNs. There are a lot to choose from. I currently have my own, so when I am out traveling with my phone I can surf using my own network at home. Just makes me feel safe (which I am) when using public wi-fi. But there are quite a few that you can pay for online that do the...
  6. ndboarder

    VPN services

    Could swear there was a thread on these, but I can't find it in search. I can't think of a real need for one, aside from if you want to get a sports streaming package and be able to watch local teams whose games would get blacked out normally. Anyway, I've not used one, but I see there's a...