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  1. nodle

    Does geography affect your political party?

    So driving back from lunch and I started to think about this. Does the area of the country you live in, directly effect your political stance? Here is what made me think of this. I have a friend that is from the East coast. He moved out West with Democratic views. Then once he was out in the...
  2. jmanz

    Let's Talk Presidents

    Political faction aside, which President do you think was/is the most decent human being of them all?
  3. O-Tron

    What if Gore had won?

    https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/a-horrifying-look-into-the-mind-of-911s-mastermind-in-his-own-words/2016/11/28/bf5827a8-b575-11e6-b8df-600bd9d38a02_story.html Pretty incredible column that outlines some of the revelations in a new book written by one of the guys who helped run the CIA...
  4. nodle

    Clinton campaign and UFOs

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