1. nodle

    Zune music player

    I just wanted to take a moment to remember an awesome music player for it's time. The Zune. When smartphones came along and new Ipod it just couldn't compete. But I really enjoyed the player. Anyone else remember them?
  2. nodle

    Spotify VS. Tidal

    So I have been looking at Tidal lately. I currently use Spotify, but with Tidal offering high quality music I am thinking about switching. Anyone use Tidal here? I don't get why Spotify don't get on the bandwagon with the rest of the streaming services. Even Amazon music offer higher quality...
  3. nodle

    What are you listening to (2020 edition)?

    New year, new music. I will start us off...
  4. nodle

    “na na” in songs

  5. nodle

    Cassette Tapes Are Back

    What do you think @Davidc ?
  6. nodle

    Best Buy will no longer sell CD's starting in July

    Who would had ever thought back in the day this would happen? The funny part s they still will carry vinyl. What goes around comes around. End of an era I guess. Source
  7. nodle

    What are you listening to? (2018 Edition)

    New Year, new thread. Dat Bass track Doe.
  8. D


    Nodle introduced Flux to Röyksopp. I've followed their materials ever since. I think my favorite is now:
  9. nodle

    The MP3 Is Officially Dead

  10. nodle

    What are you listening to? (2017 Edition)

    Sorry I needed to create a separate one for 2017. So here we go.
  11. nodle

    Vince Staples - Norf Norf

    I heard this, There is something about the background music that makes me like it. It's so strange I can't put my finger on it.
  12. nodle

    Ned Flanders themed metal band

    Actually not to bad. The bands name is Okilly Dokilly.
  13. nodle

    What are you listening to? (2016 Edition)

    I keep wanting one of these so we will start one for each year. I'll start us off...
  14. nodle


    For those that have never heard of this band they just released their new music video. They are a great band and loved their last album. Looking forward to the new one.
  15. nodle

    Carpenter Brut - Turbo Killer
  16. nodle

    Excision's tours

    Not really quite my taste in music, but dam those lasers and lighting. I would go just for those.
  17. nodle

    My favorite album of 2016 so far

    It's so amazing!
  18. nodle

    Apollo 10 astronauts heard mysterious 'music' on the dark side of the moon

  19. nodle


    This is a band from Sweden. Pretty catch songs. Something @WayneKerr may like.
  20. nodle

    PSY - Daddy

    Well looks like PSY has a new song out. What do you think?