1. nodle

    Redbox - How does it work?

    So I see multiple Redbox machines around town here. Does anyone use them? Do they just take your credit card and give you your movie?
  2. nodle

    Seinfeld deals

    Every Christmas you miss out @C Pav . Does it! Seinfeld Complete Series: Limited Festivus Celebration Edition w/ Party Pack Seinfeld: Complete Series
  3. nodle

    Favorite Christmas movies to watch

    What are some of your favorite Christmas movies to watch? For me I will have to start with this classic: National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. Such a classic movie. My type of comedy all year long. A Christmas Story. Another classic that I remember growing up as a kid with. "Don't shoot your...
  4. nodle

    Has 4K not really caught on?

    You know I use to love the whole 3D phase. I know it just kinda died out. But the same seems to be with 4K. I mean it seems like it's not really accepted at all. Shoot we have a 4K tv and I don't think I have ever watched anything 4K on it. The stores sell very few 4K movies or shows. It reminds...
  5. nodle

    Movies that made you who you are

    Let's post movie that made you who you are growing up. Some are forgotten over time, but never in your heart. Flight of the Navagator
  6. nodle

    Alien 7-Film Franchise Blu-ray Bundle

    So tempted. Love these movies and a great deal! Amazon link $35