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Found 20 results

  1. I am going to post this in Paranormal & Conspiracies, even though it seems like most conspiracies come true anymore. With everything with Russia going on and the partnership with China, Saudi Arabia, and India going on to make a new currency, and with ours starting to investigate digital currencies I wanted to discuss what is going to come eventually. With these superpowers combining, they will form an alternative currency. This will leave out the American dollar which will devalue it. Our government will be in panic and looking for a way to hold onto its value. If half the world is using this new currency and you and only a couple of other countries are using the old American dollar it will lose its value fast and will eventually be worth nothing. They will create a new digital wallet. They will offer a buyback of coin and paper money for only a limited time, after they will no longer be accepted anywhere. The new wallet will be used everywhere and will allow them full control over how much you have, how much you are spending. This will also allow them to cut you off, seize all your money at any moment (Don't ever forget the Canadian trucker's scenario). This is what eventually come to, everyone knows it. Bitcoins to me was a test to see how everything would work. I will updated this post as I watch this process unfold before our eyes.
  2. Here is one for you. I have read reports that once we send money and weapons to Ukraine, they don't have a way of tracking it from there on out. You are seeing the Biden administration giving them 800 million about every month now along with ammo and weaponry. Now put your tinfoil hats on, what if they are acting just like a proxy and funneling this stuff through the country and turning over the weapons to China and Russia? Wait you say Russia is their enemy? Are they though? Maybe that is why Russia isn't attacking very hard to draw it out since they know that we will keep giving money and weapons, slowly depleting our own country and allowing China to reverse engineer the weaponry as well. That is why Russia is sending all their old equipment in as well, to play the part and get rid of their old stuff. What do you think? Tinfoil hat, or some truth in it?
  3. Do you understand the stock market? Had some discussion about this with a few guys yesterday and figured I'd do a bit of a straw poll. Does anyone here feel they understand the stock market to any degree? In recent years, the thing companies seem to do is just let their price climb. Historically the stocks never really got above $100 or if they did a stock split would occur. Do people really understand that a stock having value of $50 may not mean the company is any better off than another trading for $40? I by no means would say I understand the stock market. I can spot big things that may cause one to move up or down a bit, but in general the movement of the market or individual stocks and what makes it tick seems to just be smoke and mirrors a lot of times. And yes, yesterdays debate was the result of the fact that for a little bit MSFT surpassed Google in value, and the fact that we didn't figure most of the general public understood how a stock price of ~$32 would possibly be better than something near $800 a share....
  4. C Pav

    Fund raising

    Okay, if you have kids you know. If you don't have kids you still know. Fund raising. It's been around for as far back as I remember. In grade school we had fund raisers going around to hope to sell enough to get some prizes. We didn't really know or care why just to get those prizes. Well it's gotten to a point where I can't stand it anymore. First off I remember shortly after wife and I got married scouts going dorr to door to sell popcorn. The chocolate caramel popcorn used to be real good. Came in a large tin and you got a good amount for what it was. Over the years not only has the price gone up crazy, it is poor quality, not ina tin and you get a small amount. Scouts now setup at stores and even in gas stations. I hate having to make an excuse, ignore them or sneak by. Having kids we have had to do so many fund raisers already. I'm sure we will have so many more to come. I feel bad hitting up family. I don't mind if they don't donate either so @ryanator letting you know I never will be upset if the anser is no. We end up donating so much ourselves to help out.
  5. I think this belongs in the conspiracy forum, I just want to address the white elephant in the room that no one is talking about, the outrages government spending lately. Everyday I am reading the news it's "the government is spending 17 billon on this, or 2.3 trillion on this". This is not millions anymore, it's not billions, we are talking trillions. Think for a second on how much actual money that is? And it's not stopping. Why do you think that is? :unsure: Here is my theory... I believe that they are purposely trying to get us in debt. Why? One simple reason - China. Yup China what's us to keep spending, more and more, to get us in greater debt (more than we already are). We owe them so much we can't possible pay them back right? So we then have to sell them our bonds. I think Trump was actually going to make China release us of our national debt due to them releasing the corona virus on the world. I think they knew this as well, that is why he always referred to it as the 'China Virus'. He knew what he was doing, but things took the opposite direction and now they are just keeping the money printer rolling. I also think that China is manipulating our stock market as well. I think that they can control it and make it go up and down. Why not? They have all the money to dump and pump it. Think about it it's just like the people did with the $GME stock, but China is doing it on a mass scale. Makes you wonder if they are just trying to get us so in debt and make everyone think everything is going fine and then one morning *poof, someone pulls the plug, the markets crash, people aren't prepared for it. People are in debt and foreclosures hit, people start doing mass suicides because they can't handle the loss. Don't think it's possible. Just look around you, America can't keep just dumping and spending money, sooner or later it has to pop, it will come it's only a matter of time. What a great war tactic, make everything seem like everything is great, then make it not, and let your own country eat itself, then swoop in. Why fight another country when you can have the country disrupt itself? The CIA did it before with other countries and cause disruptions between it's own people, all you have to do is turn on the news these days to see it playing out in our own cities in America. But I guess that is for another topic.
  6. :rolleyes: [/url]https://www.msn.com/en-us/money/personalfinance/kansas-couple-seek-help-making-ends-meet-on-dollar500000-a-year/ar-AAE5rGD?li=BBnbfcN
  7. Ok as I drive back from lunch, I am looking all around me. All these brand new homes are going up. They are very large and I can guarantee very expensive. At the same time a brand new Subaru WRX with dealer plates pulls out with a high school kid driving. Ok now my question is where is this "secret" club that everyone seems to be in? Did I miss out on an invitation? I can't comprehend where everyone in the world gets their money at or live the lives they have. Did they plant money trees that actually work? Does anyone else ever seem to notice this or am I just the only one?
  8. When you have so much money and you don't know what to do to your Lamborghini next. https://instagram.com/p/Bv67VNdliCe [/url]https://www.msn.com/en-us/autos/enthusiasts/try-to-ignore-that-swarovski-crystal-covered-lamborghinis-are-a-thing-we-dare-you/ar-BBWbmca
  9. Lord Timothy Dexter is the luckiest person to have ever lived. He lived during the American revolution, and was known for his being very strange. He started out the poor uneducated son of a shoe maker, but got lucky and married a rich widow. This was enough to thrust him into the elite of his city, but it did not suddenly make him sophisticated or a genius. Timothy Dexter felt like he needed to invest his money so that he could be like all the other wealthy elite around him. He was uneducated so he didn't know what would be a good investment, so he just bought into whatever was cheap. This strategy paid out big for him, and others grew jealous of his success. Some local gentlemen decided to test him by suggesting the Jamaica was in desperate need of mittens, warming pans, and Bibles. Timothy Dexter decided to follow this insane advice and sent all three to the island. While his ships were on the way there was a huge religious revival sweeping Jamaica and the Bible's were sold as soon as they arrived. Next a fleet of Russian ships bought up all the mittens to ship home because they had some extra room in the cargo holds. Finally an enterprising farmer discovered that the warming pans were just perfect for skimming molasses, and all of them were sold at a profit. People were shocked by this and tried to ruin him financially. They told him that Newcastle England was desperately in need of coal. Newcastle is the center of coal mining in England. Well, Timothy followed their advice again, and sent seven ships full of Virginia coal to England. Almost as soon as the ships were sent off a workers strike happened in Newcastle. Absolutely no coal was produced for weeks. By the time the ships arrived there actually was a coal shortage and Timothy Dexter made a huge profit. He was also a bit insane. Timothy Dexter decided to write a book titled "A Pickle for the Knowing Ones" it was self published and horribly misspelled, it also lacked any form of punctuation. He was ridiculed so much for this that in the next edition he added two pages of nothing but punctuation and told the reader to "pepper and salt it as they please". He also convinced his family to hold a fake funeral for him. He was so upset that his wife didn't look sad enough that he jumped out of his coffin and chased her out of the church with his cane. His treatment of his wife got worse when he decided that she had died while she was very much still alive. He would introduce people to her as the ghost of his dead wife. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Timothy_Dexter
  10. So this is making more and more news each day. Its still far away and they won't get through the Mexican border anyways. But it is funded for political reasons. So who funded it? The Clinton Foundation, George Soros? One thing everyone agrees upon is it is political motivated.
  11. Holy shit, I am in the wrong business. Look how much they make per month! :eek:
  12. Wait a second here, isn't this what it's suppose to be anyways? These farmers are complaining because they hired an illegal worker to pay them low wages and would rather have their crops rot instead of paying a person what they deserve? I am sure they will just say that they have a bad year and get free money anyways from the government. But still your basically admitting that you hired illegal workers. Source
  13. Interesting article, at this rate the world is going the next generation will have no retirements. 42% of Americans will retiring broke
  14. Every dam year... Source
  15. How many of you see people living above their means everyday? You know the type, big house, two new vehicles, in debt up to their eyeballs. The American dream right? Anyways on my way back from work yesterday my boss asked if we could swing by and help his Nephew move a couple of things so I said sure. So we pull into this up scale neighborhood the type with the fancy homes lining the streets. We pull up on this 2 story beautiful home. Come to find out it was just built 6 months prior. His nephew and his wife has only been living there two months. Apparently he went from a big engineering job down to working at a Home Depot style store. They had all this brand new furniture, two brand new vehicles. The were moving to a smaller town into a different house. I didn't ask why they were moving but I put the two and two together. I felt bad for his wife. She was pregnant and had the baby room all put together and now they had to move out after living there only two months. Everything in life seems to go good until the bottom drops out and then things change. I would rather not live with that type of stress relining on your job that could fall through at any day. We all just take everything for granted that things will always go up and not down. Anybody else every see people living this way?
  16. And now, the city’s refugee resettlement agencies are gearing up for a growing wave of refugees under a new State Department announcement that further undercuts Trump’s promise.
  17. Can there be something as having to much money? I was on a job today and just listening to these guys from Seattle talk. Would you drop 3.5 million in renovations into a 2.5 million dollar house? Oh and you only visit the place once a year? I won't go into the rest of the stuff like the runway and equestrian barn and other stuff. But it got me thinking there is really something as having to much money? I mean does it get to a point where you would pay 60k to remove boulders and replace with another color of rock just because you didn't like the boulders color? I think to myself how do these people sleep at night and the answer is probably pretty comfortable in your million dollar mansions. I wonder what that feeling is like, just having to spend a bunch of money because you have nothing else to do with it? I wonder if you start to loose the enjoyment out of life? You know like if you save up for something and that feeling of finally getting it. If you can just buy it outright that feeling is lost, does eventually it turn your whole life like this? What do you think? Can there be a think of having to much money? Or is there never enough?
  18. *NOTE: These are my own personal oversights of people that I have come in contact in different stages of my life, where I noticed the same attitude among them with being in the same situations financially. Have you ever meet someone that was really well off in life as far as financials go and noticed their attitude? You will most likely notice this from your Bosses. I have had a few bosses including my current one, where they came from nothing but once they made it in life their attitude changed. Some will think everyone is out to get them and be always cautious with every legal matter. Some will develop an attitude where they separate themselves and put themselves on a platform higher than their fellow employee, even though they were once there also. Then you have a man with very little where he always has a good attitude and it fun to be around. You will probably even notice that the man with nothing actually gives more freely with his funds instead of the man that is well off. They slowly evolve into becoming more and more stuck up I guess you could say. I think they develop a "better-than" attitude. Meaning they are above, or think they are more intelligent, good looking etc. It's like their focus becomes clearly I need more and more. But they loose focus of the other things in life and what they once were. I always think to myself as I am sure some of you do that if you ever make it big in life you would still be you and remember your friends and the "little people". But would that really be the case? Or would you also slowly start to evolve and change and hunger for more? I think happiness gets pushed out also. Personal happiness or contentment. A feeling of being satisfied, even though you have very little to be satisfied with. I read and hear stories of people that became more and more famous and wealthy and "had it all" even though on the inside they were unhappy and unsatisfied always wanting something more. Is this some sort of disease that comes from greed? I have to wonder.
  19. https://i.imgur.com/chE3Wzy.gif
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