1. nodle

    Guy lives in an apartment complex, where no one has come out in days

    A TikToker named Cody has been documenting some of the intricacies of his Atlanta apartment complex, including menus stuck in doors for days and vehicles in the parking garage that are collecting dust. Is this something sinister, or completely explainable...
  2. nodle

    Missing people due to Project MKUltra?

    So has anyone ever wonder what happens to all the people that go missing around the world daily? I thought I would Google it and it says about 2,300 per day.:eek: So where do all these people go? I mean some may be eventually found. Some are probably foul play. Some runaway, and some maybe...
  3. nodle

    Malaysia Airlines 'loses contact with plane'

    I'm putting this here for now until they find out exactly what happened. But how do you lose a plane in this day and age? I mean there are even apps for your phone that can track planes. Plus don't they have a "Black Box" to always broadcast back home? Also what about everyone and their cell...