1. nodle

    Microsoft's Edge browser

    Bye Bye IE, it has never been fun. (Netscape Navigator for life!). But it looks like they are going with a Chrome based version. Source
  2. nodle

    Office 365

    I know about Office 365 and it's monthly or yearly payments and such. Does anyone use Outlook with this Hotmail account? I'm pretty sure it uses both POP and IMAP. I use Outlook at work and enjoy it and was thinking about using it at home as well. Any experience with it? @ndboarder ?
  3. nodle

    Microsoft acquries Github

    Wow, 7.5 Billion Dollar acquisition Source
  4. nodle

    Microsoft to ban 'offensive language'

  5. nodle

    Project Natick - Microsoft

    I see Microsoft is experimenting with ocean cooling their computer stuff as well. If you don't remember years ago Google built a  boat that did the same. I myself think it is the future. I can see man-made platforms in the ocean that recycle seawater for cooling. It has to happen sooner or...
  6. D

    MS SQL question

    Can a guy run MS SQL 2014 Standard in a global compatibility mode for 2012 R2 for a product that wants to create it's own database's and doesn't understand some of the newer query language?
  7. nodle

    Microsoft Surface

    Surface Book 13.5" Display (6 million pixels / 267 ppi) Intel Skylake Processor (upto i7) Nvidia Geforce GPU (upto) 16GB RAM (upto) 1TB SSD 1.6 pounds 7.4mm thick Detachable "fulcrum" keyboard 12 hour battery life Starts at $1499 Pre-order starts today, ships on Oct 26th
  8. nodle

    All things related to the Xbox platforms

    So who here is excited?