1. D

    What it would be like to be homeless?

  2. nodle

    Replacing windows

    Well today we are getting all new windows put in our house. We are having every one replaced. 10 windows in total. When we moved in half were junk, wouldn't open, screens broke etc. We got the highest energy rating we could in them. They also have a lifetime warranty on the glass breaking even...
  3. nodle

    Old church bus into home

    I saw this last night and thought it was cool. They did a nice job and I think it's cool they just travel and live in it. https://imgur.com/a/dhbGw/layout/grid
  4. nodle

    Electronic pest repellents

    So in my new garage the old owner left some electronic pest repellents plugged in. I have never been around them before. But they are interesting. Basically I guess they produce electronics sounds that keep bug and rodents away. I did a search on Amazon and there are quite a few of them and a...
  5. ndboarder

    Home Automation

    Anyone played with automation technologies at all? I added a few z-wave devices in my house over the past couple weekends along with a controller. I can now control a few lights/outlets and lock/unlock my door from the web or a couple apps on my phone. Wondered if any others have played with...
  6. ndboarder

    Planned Projects

    Got any projects planned for your dwelling?