1. nodle

    They are coming for your guns, news and updates

    Since it seems like I might be bumping this up the next 4 years, might as well get it going with some news.
  2. D

    Movie with ultra realistic gun violence

    Daylight's End 2015 It'll make you want to stock up on ammo.
  3. D

    Legally owning a gun in America could get you killed by a government agent.

    New paradigm in which legally owning a gun turns you into a target for government sharp-shooters.
  4. nodle

    Ruger AR-556

    Anyone been around these? I looked at one over the weekend at a good price. They seem like a pretty basic AR. I wouldn't mind getting one. Reviews aren't to bad on them.
  5. D

    223 Henry Lever

    These look pretty nice. Put a Skinner or Marble peep site on for close encounters.  The Long Ranger
  6. nodle

    Gun safes

    Anyone have one or can recommend one? I always see them in stores and have looked at them here and there. I see deals on them every once and awhile, but it would be nice to be able to store all the rifles,handguns, and ammo in one spot. I have even been looking online to build your own. Some...
  7. nodle

    Gunmaker Smith & Wesson to change name

    WTF! Why? Gunmaker Smith & Wesson to change name to American Outdoor Brands Corp. Oh ok, well I guess that's better.
  8. nodle

    Knob Creek Gun Show Night Shoot

  9. nodle

    Keanu Reeves is impressive!

  10. nodle

    Obama owns stock in firearms makers

  11. nodle

    Flow-Through suppressor

    Kinda cool. I have actually had some design ideas in my head before for making my own. Just wish I had a CAD designer and a 3D lathe.
  12. nodle

    DP-12 Shotgun

    Daddy wants!
  13. nodle

    Gun hiding spots

  14. nodle

    3D printable guns

    So been kinda keeping my eye on this stuff for the last year or so and wonder what your take is? Personally I see nothing wrong with it. In fact I think it's kinda neat and hope it catches on more. Information should never be censored. It's worth watching the whole video.