1. jmanz

    Bone Broth

    I have long loved beef broth and such since I was a kid. However, bone broth is a better alternative. Making your own from scratch is the best way to do it although you can buy it at the stores and just heat it up. Talk about a protein boost and very good for you. Good for gut health, joints...
  2. nodle

    Food chains clothing lines

    Ok I have been noticing this lately and needed to make a thread about it. What is up with all these fast food chains carrying their own clothing lines? I will add links to some, but if you know of others, please add them. Arbys: Arby's - Smoked Sweats ( Clothing –...
  3. nodle

    Pizza Ranch

    So I am sure most of our members have been to Pizza Ranch a few times here. Their pizza is just average to me, kind of like Little Caesars. But I do think that their Chicken and mashed potatoes are excellent. The problem with the chicken is like @jmanz says, it runs right through you.
  4. nodle

    Pizza Hut's Detroit style pizza

    I missed out on the first go around, but I see it's back. Has anyone tried it?
  5. nodle

    Crazy Calzony from Little Caesars
  6. nodle

    The new tipping trend

    So I have been experiencing this more and more lately. But this weekend I saw it everywhere. Why is it that every time you purchase something these days, the credit card reader or receipts are asking for a tip? I am all for tipping and over tip myself, but you have to be at least doing something...
  7. nodle

    Subway tuna contains no tuna

    Nasty… wonder what it actually is?
  8. nodle

    Cheez-it Grooves

    I thought these were going to be good, but they ended up being horrible, and had a weird flour taste to them. Not impressed.
  9. nodle

    Pizza ovens

    Anyone ever got into pizza ovens? Looks like Ooni is the best. I guess they cook a pizza in 60 seconds.
  10. jmanz

    Local Honey

    I have been doing some reading on the health benefits of eating local honey. Some people swear by the benefits of allergy relief, increased energy, better sleep etc. Picked up a big jug from a local farmer this weekend and it is really tasty. Looking forward to see if I notice any changes...
  11. nodle

    Bill Gates planning on getting rid of cattle?

    I have been reading about Bill Gates buying up farmland as fast as possible and now he is the largest owner of farmland. He is really pushing for synthetic beef, and it has to make you wonder if that is the reason he is buying up all this farmland to force people to go that way, when there is no...
  12. nodle

    Let's think of new Dairy Queen Blizzard flavors

    It seems like Dairy Queen comes out with a new flavor of the month Blizzard all the time, let's think of some new flavors that they haven't created yet that would be good. Ill start us off... The Boston Baked Beans Blizzard This Blizzard consists of ground up Boston Baked Beans in sweet...
  13. nodle

    Beyond Meat

    So what does everyone think of this Beyond Meat product? Basically plant based meat products? I know our Pizza Hut here has been promoting it for quite sometime now. I see Pepsi just made a deal as well...
  14. nodle

    Pizza toppings

    What do you put on your pizza when eating out at a pizza place? Do you like the red chili flakes? Cake on the parmesan cheese? Douse them in ranch? Or something else? My myself I usually use parmesan and ranch (if available). My dad put mayonnaise on his. :sick:
  15. nodle

    Sandwiches your state is famous for

    Pretty accurate.
  16. nodle

    Pickapeppa Sauce

    Has anyone else tried this? My Mom gave me some awhile back because I needed some Worcester sauce. It’s got a unique taste to it. It’s really great on meat.
  17. nodle


    I keep seeing these and have been wanting to try them so I picked up a box. I believe you just make a cup of coffee and lay the wafer on top of it and the heat from the coffee is suppose to melt the caramel inside. Has anyone tried one yet? I think @jmanz told me he did, if so how did you like it?
  18. nodle

    Arby's purchases Jimmy John's

    Is this good news? Bad news?
  19. nodle

    Air Fryers

    Has anyone been around these new Air Fryers? I guess they are suppose to cook foods like french fries etc. but instead of using oils, they just use hot air. Anyone used or have one?
  20. nodle

    The secret spice in Totinos pizza

    Does anyone else like Totinos pizza? They are a cheap pizza but they all have this one secret ingredient. It's some sort of spice. From my research it seems to be fennel seed. Does anyone know what I am talking about? It's a little seed that they add that brings out the pizza...