1. nodle

    Pizza toppings

    What do you put on your pizza when eating out at a pizza place? Do you like the red chili flakes? Cake on the parmesan cheese? Douse them in ranch? Or something else? My myself I usually use parmesan and ranch (if available). My dad put mayonnaise on his. :sick:
  2. nodle

    Sandwiches your state is famous for

    Pretty accurate.
  3. nodle

    Pickapeppa Sauce

    Has anyone else tried this? My Mom gave me some awhile back because I needed some Worcester sauce. It’s got a unique taste to it. It’s really great on meat.
  4. nodle


    I keep seeing these and have been wanting to try them so I picked up a box. I believe you just make a cup of coffee and lay the wafer on top of it and the heat from the coffee is suppose to melt the caramel inside. Has anyone tried one yet? I think @jmanz told me he did, if so how did you like it?
  5. nodle

    Arby's purchases Jimmy John's

    Is this good news? Bad news?
  6. nodle

    Air Fryers

    Has anyone been around these new Air Fryers? I guess they are suppose to cook foods like french fries etc. but instead of using oils, they just use hot air. Anyone used or have one?
  7. nodle

    The secret spice in Totinos pizza

    Does anyone else like Totinos pizza? They are a cheap pizza but they all have this one secret ingredient. It's some sort of spice. From my research it seems to be fennel seed. Does anyone know what I am talking about? It's a little seed that they add that brings out the pizza...
  8. nodle

    Carl’s JR. cannabis infused burger

    Lol and being sold for $4.20 😅
  9. nodle

    What's your favorite type of cookie?

    I'm sitting here and wondering what are everyone's favorite type of cookie to eat? Mine are the true classic "Peanut Butter".
  10. nodle

    Subway's cheesy garlic bread

    I am not a a big fan of Subway, I have gotten deathly sick twice in my life eating there. But I saw an add for their new cheesy garlic bread, and it is so dam good. Even my wife said it's the best Subway she has ever eaten. It's so good I have eaten there twice in a row. I sure hope they keep it...
  11. nodle

    Sun Chips

    Do you like Sun Chips? I have always enjoyed them. Recently we got a big variety box from Costco, and they had this flavor inside: Man they are good, they have the perfect hint of spice of jalapeno in them.
  12. nodle

    What kind of food do you consider McDonalds to be?

    I find it strange. I categorize McDonalds food in a class of it's own. I mean they serve hamburgers, but I don't consider them a 'real' hamburger. A real hamburger is at a sit down restaurant. So what does that make McDonalds then? I mean technically it's fast food, but I consider other fast...
  13. nodle

    Fry sauce

    Does anyone else like fry sauce? Apparently it's not as common as what I thought. I think most restaurants in our area serve it along with ranch. Has anyone else tried it and if so what do you think?
  14. nodle

    Arby's introducing the new Arbynator!

    The Meat Mountain. The Smoke Mountain The Arbynator! Containing a half-pound of roast beef with curly fries and Arby's/Horsey/Cheese sauce. (Classic size), (Double Size), (Half-pound). Out on November 19.
  15. nodle

    Cracker Jacks

    You know what sucks these days? Cracker Jacks. While the flavor is good the toys suck. They are just stickers now. Shoot when even I was little I remember little toys in the box. I know in the real early days they had some real great toys. Were suck a cheap culture anymore.
  16. nodle

    Best fast food breakfast

    What fast food restaurant do you think has the best breakfast?
  17. nodle

    Corned Beef and Cabbage

    So it's that time of year again for this delicious delicacy. It is one of my most favorite foods out there. I don't know what it is about the meat, the saltiness, the seasoning, but it's dam good. The cabbage goes so well with it. I believe it's an Irish tradition. The city that I went to school...
  18. nodle

    Favorite Doritos Flavor?

    I'm sitting here eating Taco flavored Doritos and it got me wondering "What is your favorite chip flavor from Doritos"? Obviously I can't list them all, so if you select "other" please specify.
  19. nodle

    Smoking peanuts in the shell

    Sitting here eating some peanuts and it got me thinking, I wonder how these would taste on my Traeger? I like to suck on the peanut before I eat them. I looked up some recipes online and there are only a few. I belt the shells would soak in the smoke though. What do you think?
  20. nodle

    Ordering one of everything at McDonalds

    @C Pav is your body ready?