1. nodle

    Let's think of new Dairy Queen Blizzard flavors

    It seems like Dairy Queen comes out with a new flavor of the month Blizzard all the time, let's think of some new flavors that they haven't created yet that would be good. Ill start us off... The Boston Baked Beans Blizzard This Blizzard consists of ground up Boston Baked Beans in sweet...
  2. nodle

    Triscuits new lineup of flavors

    I normally am not one to like Triscuits. But it seems like they have so many new flavors out there. I have tried 3 flavors so far: Dill & Seal Salt Roasted Garlic Smoked Gouda The dill & seal salt ones were good. The roasted garlic were too strong of garlic (and I like garlic stuff)...