1. nodle

    R.I.P. Ammo

    I swear we talked about this ammo once before on here but I can't seem to find old thread. Anyways, I picked up a box of the R.I.P Ammo today. It was spendy for a box. 9″ – 11″ of Penetration 2″ Groupings at 10 yrds 7 Separate Wound Channels Solid Copper / Lead Free 3″ – 4″ Diameter Spread...
  2. nodle

    Kriss Vector gen II

    Daddy want...
  3. nodle

    Springfield Armory - Saint

    So as a few of you know I have been looking for an AR. Had my sights set on the Ruger-556. Well I went in to look at them and saw this beauty.  When I held it I love the balance it had in the center. It wasn't quite the color I wanted being all black. The Ruger I was looking at was a flat dark...