1. nodle

    Air filters for your vehicle

    So I thought I would start a thread about air filters for your vehicles and which ones are the best. I have been researching them the last couple of days and found interesting results like this video poste below: (I like this guy's videos) I always thought K&N filters were the best, but...
  2. nodle

    Re-usable electrostatic air filters

    I was just wondering if anyone has ever used an electrostatic air filter? They are basically re-usable air filters for your furnace, kinda like a K&N air filter. After they collect dust you then remove then and wash them, let them dry and pop back in. You never have to buy another air filter...
  3. nodle

    FilterEasy - montly furnace filters

    I just came across this online. I love how everything from air filters to shaving you can now have delivered monthly. It really shows how no one even has time in life to purchase things. They seem decent. The cardboard pattern backing is great. Prices are a tad high, but I am sure it includes...