1. nodle

    What's your favorite type of cookie?

    I'm sitting here and wondering what are everyone's favorite type of cookie to eat? Mine are the true classic "Peanut Butter".
  2. nodle

    Post your favorite movie posters

    I think this will be fun. What would be your favorite movie posters of all time? I'll start...
  3. nodle

    Favorite Doritos Flavor?

    I'm sitting here eating Taco flavored Doritos and it got me wondering "What is your favorite chip flavor from Doritos"? Obviously I can't list them all, so if you select "other" please specify.
  4. nodle

    My favorite album of 2016 so far

    It's so amazing! http://assets2.radiox.co.uk/2015/28/nothing-but-thieves-album-cover-1437136361.jpg