1. nodle

    The decline of Facebook

    Has anyone that uses Facebook noticed the declining state that it is in? Maybe it's just mine but it seems like there are less and less post of people you know and more and more ads. You basically have a wall of ads that you scroll though. Also I see less and less people posting and people...
  2. nodle

    Operation: Bluewool

    Does anyone find the media putting to much publicity into the whole Facebook leaking information thing? How really cares. They have been doing it from day one. Facebook is funded by the CIA, & NSA anyways. It has been since the early creation of it. I feel like it will be the cover for...
  3. nodle

    Facebook hacking brains

    I have talked about this before, including the patents for cellular phones. Basically, he's admitting that there is something deeper not only on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media sites. Now you got to ask yourself who is really behind all of this and who sponsors it? Source