1. nodle

    Thousands of people plan to storm Area 51

    I have been seeing this for a few days, seems like some are serious. :ROFLMAO::alien: https://www.cnn.com/2019/07/11/us/alien-march-facebook-event-trnd/index.html https://www.nj.com/tylt/2019/07/would-you-storm-area-51.html
  2. nodle

    Kansas couple seek help making ends meet on $500,000 a year

    :rolleyes: https://www.msn.com/en-us/money/personalfinance/kansas-couple-seek-help-making-ends-meet-on-dollar500000-a-year/ar-AAE5rGD?li=BBnbfcN
  3. D

    Shock video: Twitter employee offers eye-popping intel in Trump take-down plot

  4. nodle

    Fidget Spinners

    What is this new craze? Does anyone else think these are the dumbest things ever? Or maybe I am wrong?