1. nodle

    Are birds real or surveillance drones?

    I see this quite a bit on the internet, and I think it's about high time we have a thread on it. 😆 This one is a little far out there even for me. But some people truly believe it.
  2. nodle

    Mysterious swarms of giant drones over three states

    Mysterious swarms of giant drones have dotted the Colorado and Nebraska night sky since last week, The Denver Post first reported. The drones appear and disappear at roughly the same time each night in swarms of at least 17 and up to 30. The drones appear to measure about 6 feet across. Local...
  3. nodle

    Drones everywhere!

    Why are they flying over our skies? We are not the enemy!:mad: http://usnews.nbcnews.com/_news/2013/12/30/22111103-drones-take-next-step-with-announcement-of-test-sites?lite