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  1. nodle

    Building a firepit

    So we had an old fire pit that the old people left here. Basically the inside of a big steel rim buried in the ground. My boss at work has 6 pallets of real nice rock that was meant for the side of a house. He said I could have as much as I want. Said they never used it on a job and got paid to...
  2. nodle

    Miniature castle build

    I saw this yesterday and it seems like a fun little project that would be fairly cheap to get into. Basically uses items found at Walmart etc. and you using a silicon mold. The whole creation process Where to buy the molds
  3. nodle

    Headlight replacements.

    Ordered some new headlights for my truck old ones were very yellow and cloudy (which I tried to actually clean with one of those headlight restoration kits). Got them in the mail tonight and went out there. Spent maybe a total of 20 minutes and replaced everything. Here is the kicker they even...
  4. nodle

    Rusty chrome cleanup and polish

    Pretty amazing. All you need is a can of Coke and some aluminum foil. http://imgur.com/a/yoekX
  5. nodle

    Solar panel kits

    For some reason I started looking at solar power kits tonight on amazon, then that led me to Youtube videos. Has anyone ever looked into them? It looks like they have come along way. 100 watt system 400 watt system Watching some Youtube videos people really get into them. If I had a...
  6. nodle

    Smoke alarms

    With the new place I noticed that the smoke alarms were the hard wired kind. But when you were pressing the test button they didn't work at all. Just to think these old people lived here 3 years without working smoke alarms. Anyways I ordered some new ones that we installed today. I went with a...