1. nodle

    'Project center lane' when the US Army funded astral projection and hypnosis research

    Interesting read. Especially since it's directly off their own website. To think this was in the 80's so makes you wonder how far they researched it?
  2. nodle

    Project Azorian

    On March 8, 1968, a Russian submarine carrying five nuclear warheads vanished in the North Pacific. The mission to find and recover it would become one of the most complicated and expensive covert operations in history.
  3. nodle

    NSA Deletes “Honesty” and “Openness” From Core Values

  4. D

    Former CIA Agent Is Raising Cash To Buy Twitter And Delete Trump's Account
  5. nodle

    CIA firmware has been infecting Wi-Fi routers for years

    I think I wrote about this years ago. It's not just routers either it's embedded into most circuit chips. Source
  6. D

    Targeted Individuals

    Has this been discussed on Flux? Directed Energy Weapons Dr. John Hall Interview on Crimes and Domestic Terrorism against Targeted Individuals, Gangstalking, Surveillance, Monitoring, Human Experimentation, Drugging with Rohypnol, Raping of a Targeted Individual, Electronic Technologies and...
  7. nodle

    CIA posts trove of UFO documents

    CIA releases secret UFO reports and photos