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  1. J

    Brave Web-Browser

    I just came across an article via flipboard and thought I'd pass the link. Brave Web-Browser
  2. nodle

    Vivaldi web browser

    Ran across this web browser last night. It is based on Chrome but the old CEO of Opera has built it. I am typing on it right now trying it out. It is a highly customizable browser with a lot of unique customizations such as color schemes and tabs options. Check it out. https://vivaldi.com
  3. nodle

    Microsoft is ditching the Edge browser

    Bye Bye IE, it has never been fun. (Netscape Navigator for life!). But it looks like they are going with a Chrome based version. Source
  4. nodle

    Firefox browser

    I see Firefox just updated to 57.0. With a whole new look and speed. https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/new/
  5. D