1. nodle

    Project - new desktop speakers

    So I had a nice set of Bose desktop speakers, but I feel down the rabbit hole once again and ordered some Micca MB42X speakers, and a Fosi tube class D amplifier with some Riverstone audio tubes, not the Chinese crap tubes. I hand wired all my own cables using 16awg wire with banana plugs. It's...
  2. nodle

    Audio books

    Does anyone listen to audio books? I know it seems over the years they have become quite popular. I have a co-workers that listens to the constantly. He is usually driving truck, so he gets to take in a book while being hands free. He let me listen for about 5 minutes once and I didn't care for...
  3. nodle

    2017 - The year of in-home spying

    Has anyone else noticed the trend this year with Amazon, Google, and other companies producing in-home listening devices? They are everywhere this year. You are basically paying for a product to place in your home to have it listen to every word that you say. People are paying with their own...
  4. nodle

    Davec's audio sample

    So i got an "audio sample" track from davec. I guess it was ripped from vinyl and encoded at 320kbps. I have to say that this is very, VERY clean sounding. I don't know if it's the high encoding rate of because it's straight from vinyl. But i have to say i am impressed. The highs are so tight...