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Found 10 results

  1. Well iOS7 is out now. I just did the update (which took forever). And I hate it. If I wanted a Windows phone I would had bought one. This is horrible. (n)
  2. I thought I would make a thread on what apps that I have found useful on the Mac. Magnet - Basically brings the "snap to sides" feature from Windows to the Mac. allows side by side windows etc. 1Password - A password manager similar to Lastpass. It is also supported on your Iphone and even Windows. Hider2 - A safe for your files on your Mac. It uses AES 256 encryption and allows you to dag and drop files to be encrypted and allows you to hide files on your Mac until you unlock the safe. CleanmyMac3 - A cleaner for your Mac. Has some other useful tools such as an uninstaller etc. Boom 2 - Amazing audio enhancer for your Mac. It is pure magic what it does with your speakers. Textwrangler - A nice replacement (and free) text editor for the Mac. Airmail - A replacement mail client for both IOS and MAC. A cleaner interface and more customization. Pixelmator - Basically Photoshop for you Mac at a fraction of the cost. Spotify - Works awesome on a Mac, don't need Itunes.
  3. I know @C Pav thought I was joking the other day when he was talking about getting a new computer and I recommended a Macbook Pro. My computing taste have really changed lately. Maybe I am just getting old, but I'm not into tweaking etc. anymore. I just like something stable and simple. Not really crazy where Windows is going with their OS anyways. Plus it seems like Windows 10 is just trying to be a Mac anyways. But I am serious if I was to go with something I would look into one. I was thinking just a 13" with the 256ssd. Seems to be the best price point.
  4. Anyone have, or have been around them? I'm not an Apple fan. But seems like a pretty nice unit comparable to a Roku. http://www.apple.com/appletv/
  5. So Cpav has a point. I know Apple's stock fell lately. But what do they really have coming out? Nothing new has really been introduced lately. What do you think the next ground breaking product would they reveal? I really can't think of anything except for improving on their devices already out such as Iphone/Ipad.
  6. Pretty good deal on the Mac Mini M1 version. All the reviews are excellent on this little thing. You will have to bring your own peripherals though. $569.99 - $100 off.
  7. I had an iPod mini 2nd gen when it first came out since 2005. I always use it when I run on a treadmill and have used it in the past when traveling, but not anymore with smartphones. About 5 years ago, I replaced the battery for around $7. One issue that always came up was the headphone jack was fussy, only able to hear from one side and sometimes you had to wiggle the headphone plug in a certain angle and spot. I would usually try to clean the inside of the jack with a dental brush and rubbing alcohol and sometimes take a really small screwdriver to get the contacts bent back out. Recently, it seemed to get really bad, so when I tried to get one of the bottom contact pins out, I accidentally bent it down to a point i couldn't get at it anymore, I tried opening it (did it many times before, but forgot to release the wheel cable when pushing the screen and board out and broke the circuit contacts. So I looked into irepair.com to get some spare parts. I ordered the click wheel for $11 and headphone jack for $5 plus $5 shipping, so $21 total. I was able to replace those and it's back working again. However, the parts are used, so I carefully cleaned and pried the jack contacts a little. I tested some of my old headphones, and ruled out the ones that seemed to be bad on other devices and one my cat recently chewed up that broke the left ear piece from getting sound. On eBay, working iPod minis and be had for $30 and I saw one over a year ago at a thrift store for only $7, should have just bought it, but didn't think it was worth it at the time. Oh well, I like to keep and maintain everything I own and in the long run, it makes things more cost effective.
  8. Apple will share face mapping data from the iPhone X with third-party app developers Developers need explicit user permission according to Apple guidelines Apple plans to share facial mapping data captured by the iPhone X’s series of front-facing cameras and sensors, according to a report by Reuters. The revelation, contained in a developer agreement detailing the use of Apple’s new facial recognition software, would appear to undermine statements Apple made during the iPhone X reveal back in September. The company’s executives at the time made an effort to placate privacy concerns with talk of strict on-device storage and end-to-end encryption. https://www.theverge.com/2017/11/2/16599592/apple-iphone-x-face-id-data-share-app-developers-privacy#comments
  9. We may have had a thread on here before about this, but I couldn't come across it. I have been thinking of going with a online streaming service. Not one like Pandora, but the two other big ones Spotify and Beats music. One co-workers uses Spotify and the other Beats music. I really like the interface of Beats music, plus being able to take it offline is nice also. I had him search for a verity of artists for me also, and they had about everything I wanted. The app on the phone is nicely done also. I know Beats music has some sort of deal with AT&T also. Both run about $9.99 a month. Anyone use either that would like to give some input?
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