1. nodle

    China is about to control America's power grid

    What could go wrong? Basically, President Donald Trump issued an...
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    This picture really sums up America in 2020

  3. nodle

    Why are used cars so expensive in America?

    Kelly Blue Book has been purchased by Autotrader (used car seller) and NADA Guides has been purchased by J.D. Power (a P.R. firm) and no longer give accurate values of used cars.
  4. nodle

    The housing market crisis in America

    So for some reason I thought this was a separate thread by itself. But I guess I posted it in here the other day. I know California housing is in a crisis right now, and I also read a report about all these foreign people no longer wanting to move here. Here is another news article on it...
  5. D

    Forty-eight percent of Americans support a universal basic income.

    Frick-en socialists.....
  6. nodle

    The most armed man in America