1. nodle

    Weed Slayer

    So I say one of these on Amazon a few weeks ago. Then I was in our local store yesterday and they had one. Half the cost of Amazon and the build quality was amazing compared to Amazons. Anyways, I have never used one before, but let me tell you it's amazing and it's one of those tools that you...
  2. nodle

    Gymkhana Eight

    Speakers up, HD on, fullscreen...
  3. nodle

    Red Dead Redemption

    Have any of you been watching this game? It just came out today. It does look very awesome. Basically a grand theft auto but set in the western days. I would recommend you check it out.
  4. O-Tron

    The new Toilet Bed® thread

    Well here, I'm restarting the poll. I'm kind of disappointed that my long explanation for the bed toilet is gone.