1. nodle

    Video game of the year 2018

    Ok Fluxoid members, we are ending the year here soon. So I would like to know what your game of the year for 2018 was. Not based off other users, but your own personal opinion. It can be from any console. I will start us off... For me is The legend of Zelda: Breathe of the Wild. Even though I...
  2. nodle

    Your pick of Antivirus for 2018

    So it's the beginning of a new year, what is the Antivirus that everyone recommend these days? I would like to hear what members are using at work or home. Home: Built in Windows 10 AV with Malwarebytes. Work: Nortons
  3. nodle

    What are you listening to? (2018 Edition)

    New Year, new thread. Dat Bass track Doe.