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  1. ryanator


    So mattresses, which one do you have and why? I was due for a new one and like usual, did a lot of research before buying one. I looked around locally, but things were the same, high markups, and have to do the negotiation game like buying a vehicle. Online bed in the box companies, which is...
  2. ryanator

    DIY premium air purifier

    So I've been looking into air purification lately. I have an 18 year old Holmes tower room purifier that I originally bought for white noise. I never wanted to spend $500+ for the big ones (home or shop), so I came across a very simple but effective DIY method. This can be used for anything...
  3. ryanator

    Running sandals

    Recently I bought a pair of "running" sandals, ran in them this morning on the treadmill and really liked them. There was a nice promotional discount going on for the holidays, so I went ahead and purchased the Earth Runners Alpha Lifestyle Sandals. I was looking into these for a little over a...
  4. ryanator

    Computer glasses

    I was looking at computer glasses lately to help with reducing eye strain from computer screens. (et. In the past year or two, I've been developing more eye strain with related slight headaches behind the eyes. Obviously working at a computer full time and at home will put...
  5. ryanator

    5G coming and it's health effects.

    With 5G service preparing to come soon, there has been some increased media attention of it's possible health effects. This isn't your typical, "oh, cell phone's are going to cause us cancer in 30 years", but a more heightened concern due to how strong 5G is and the close proximity it needs to...
  6. ryanator

    Air guns - BB, pellet, etc..

    I was thinking of getting a new pellet air gun. These are always good to have around for fun, practice on the cheap, pest control, and can be legal in city limits. We had a classic Daisy model which was a multi-pump that shot BB's and pellets. It was a 20 pump model for max velocity, but...
  7. ryanator

    Obtaining CCNA certification.

    In my current job, I will be required to obtain my CCNA certificate to handle the network side of things out here. This has me a little worried as I never had much experience with networking and always found it very difficult for my abilities. I'm at the point of my life where I know what fits...
  8. ryanator

    Overuse of the terms like "survivor" and "hero".

    Who else dislikes the overuse of certain terms, most notably "survivor" and "hero". I remember after 9/11, the word hero was used so much that this made discussions about the overuse of the term. What gets me now is the use of "survivor" for everyone that attended a school during a shooting...
  9. ryanator

    Global Wind Map

    Thought this was really cool,  a real time animated global wind map.  Allows you to navigate around the globe like google earth and look at the current wind around the world.
  10. ryanator

    Continued downfall and ban of larger device electronics on some airlines.

    I wonder with the recent ban of larger devices on airplanes from some Mideast and Africa countries, if this will be the beginning of whole bans all over?  Not only is the U.S. doing it, but looks like the UK will enact this as well.  This affects carry on items, but can still check them in on...
  11. ryanator

    Secret of Mana 2 - English port

    Was thinking about nostalgic games today and came across Secret of Mana's successor unofficially ported over to English (Seiken Densetsu 3 in Japan) - Was always wanting a Secret of Mana 2, looks like...
  12. ryanator

    Sliding door cabinet

    Just completed building a sliding door cabinet.  I used a popular plan available on the internet and customized my dimensions for what I wanted.  30" X 60". It took me one week, but a good amount of hours. Started by getting select grade pine lumber at menards, 1/4" pegboard (unfortunately not...
  13. ryanator

    Cpav in Call of Duty MW3?

    Can't help but notice the resemblance.
  14. ryanator

    Gaming laptop/desktop recommendation for a friend $600-800 max.

    I'm trying to help a friend buy a decent gaming quality laptop or desktop (preferably).  He originally said $600, but would go up to $800 for one that is worth it and will give him several good years of gaming.  He's not an extreme graphics gamer.
  15. ryanator

    Tutoring - Restudying math after 10 years, what a frustrating difference.

    I've been helping tutor Calculus, of a sort, for a co-worker friend of a company I used to work for.  She is in her 40's doing a Finance major. Now, I majored in Math with a 3.55 average, but wow, I don't have the patience to sit down and solve these types of problems anymore.  I started with...
  16. ryanator

    Life as you get older

    Life as you get older.
  17. ryanator

    Pokemon Go craze. Doesn't seem safe...

    This Pokemon Go craze sure has caught on fast.  I've been seeing people around weird areas at weird times.  I see some annoyances happening with all these people doing this.  Geocaching is different, people have to physical put something somewhere for people to find, but i believe this allows...
  18. ryanator

    Anyone have shoulder surgery? I'm considering it

    I've had shoulder impingement in my right shoulder for 2.5 years now.  Was diagnosed through an MRI and had X-Rays taken.  I tried everything in the book; many months rest, rehab, more rest, a cortisone injection, oral prednisone, and it won't stay away.  When it did feel good, and going through...
  19. ryanator

    Credit card fraudulent activity.

    I had a bunch of credit card fraudulent charges in the last month, with total charges of around $1000. A month ago, I had a $360 charge at the Texas A&M bookstore in Corpus Christi that was on my old card which was replaced a few months prior. That was weird as I never used my old card for...
  20. ryanator

    Do you use inverted controls in video games?

    I have always used inverted y-axis (up, down) controls in games for looking or aiming. Don't know why or what game I first played that I got used to that, but it's how I'm used to playing it. When playing multiplayer together, I think I'm the only one of my friends who always had to pause the...