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  1. ryanator

    Is college a scam?

    The cost of college is already way too much, and for the benefit of society, should be low cost. Administrative costs are probably the biggest factor and while some oversight and organization is needed, its way overdone. Online classes should prove to do away with much of that, but the...
  2. ryanator

    The Nampa Figurine

    I’m not sure, but seems a lot out there think this is most likely a hoax. Here’s a picture.
  3. ryanator

    Oil bust inevitable

    It was expected that the oil price for WTI (US Shale quality) would dip low, the writing was on the wall after the Saudi's and pandemic hit. What we are seeing now is the trickle effect of that (lowering demand, full stockpiles), but the question is for how long and what's in store for the...
  4. ryanator

    Oil bust inevitable

    I was about to post some thoughts on all of this as WTI oil went to $10, but after an hour, it's now around $5. :oops: The website is crashing as well.
  5. ryanator


    I noticed other types of home exercise equipment was either really hard to find or extremely expensive. I just wanted some dumbbells, can't find most weights at Wal-Mart, and online the same brand is very expensive.
  6. ryanator

    Coronavirus virus epidemic

    They initially were, like you even mentioned back earlier in this thread - Chinese Lab payments. Notice how China was quick to snuff everything in the beginning, some say this could have been around much longer before December. China also tried to blame the US military, they got defensive and...
  7. ryanator

    Coronavirus virus epidemic

    What if this is a conspiracy for Wal-Mart to push their grocery pickup? Think about it...Walton > Wal-mart > Wuhan > Wet-Market > Win.
  8. ryanator

    Coronavirus virus epidemic

    Looks like they are being deposited today..
  9. ryanator

    Coronavirus virus epidemic

    China is reporting zero new cases. That’s kind of hard to believe, no?
  10. ryanator

    Coronavirus virus epidemic

    Zero interest rates are a bad thing in the long run, especially so close to the lengthy period we had them following the not so long ago financial crisis. It leads to poor financial moves and unnecessary debt.
  11. ryanator

    Coronavirus virus epidemic

    Here’s the media’s perception:
  12. ryanator

    Coronavirus virus epidemic

    Planes or...Martial Law?
  13. ryanator

    Oil bust inevitable

    Thought last week was bad? Oil price futures tonight crashed over 20% to an unbelievable decrease. Brent crude at $34. The main driver was Russian not agreeing to a renewal in the OPEC deal to keep production moderate. I wonder what strategy they are using to coincide with the coronavirus...
  14. ryanator

    Coronavirus virus epidemic

    To put it in a simple perspective, the coronavirus is less deadly than SARS or MERS, but more contagious due to a longer incubation period. I think the current death rate of the coronavirus is 3%. So it may end up being more deadly in numbers since more people will get sick from it, but less...
  15. ryanator

    Windshield Chip Fix

    I got a nice sized pebble that made a starburst chip with 1/2" crack in my windsheild. I bought the RainX kit from Wal-Mart right away and did the repair. The resin set and scraped off the excess with a razor blade, but I still see the chip and crack the same as before. I heard that this is...
  16. ryanator

    Let's talk Legos

    Good to know they have a great customer care policy on that. I was wondering if you ever 3D printed your own? Seems like if you are ever in a bind or broke an older piece that you can't get anymore, 3D printing one would suffice (though would take away from it's original state).
  17. ryanator

    Slides backup & restoration

    I did some restorative work manually through Photoshop. I wonder how far along the automatic stuff has come along?
  18. ryanator

    What country do you think we will goto war with next?

    And a conveniently timed passenger plane crash in Iran this morning.
  19. ryanator

    Apple's iOS

    I like it so far.
  20. ryanator

    NFL Will Lose Money?