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  1. jmanz

    Windshield Chip Fix

    Doesn't your insurance cover chips? I've had all of mine fixed for no charge due to insurance. Leave it to the professionals.
  2. jmanz

    Let's talk beards

    At first I didn't care for the scent but I think it kind of opens up as the day goes on and gets better. It is a bit intense right away.
  3. jmanz

    Ice ice baby

    Sounds like we are going to get a bunch here. Going to make a mess I think due to the heavy snow and trees still having leaves.
  4. jmanz

    Arby's purchases Jimmy John's

    Pretty good group of companies. Hopefully they don't make big changes.
  5. jmanz

    Oil bust inevitable

    Filled up the pickup tank this morning. I saw the news said we could see an increase of 25-40 cents per gallon increase.
  6. jmanz

    Kansas couple seek help making ends meet on $500,000 a year

    Funny, I correspond once in awhile with the guy who put this together. Financial Samurai.
  7. jmanz

    Air Fryers

    My wife's parents have one. They use it all the time and love it.
  8. jmanz

    Lets discuss Barbecuers

    Lots of good grilling time left before winter!
  9. jmanz

    Lets discuss Barbecuers

    I thought the tarantula was going to come out of there when you started it up......... :ROFLMAO:
  10. jmanz

    Nespresso makers

    Haha, you can make a mean coffee. I'm surprised she hasn't wanted to order one.
  11. jmanz

    Chicago mix

    No wonder I liked them so much....it had almost been 3 years since I last tried them.
  12. jmanz

    Road Rage!!

    Funny this came up. Pulled off interstate into a small ND town just the other day. Came to a 4 way stop with just me and another vehicle and he was there long before I was. We both wait, staring at each other. Finally he waves me through. Had to laugh.
  13. jmanz

    Oil bust inevitable

    Just in time for a summer road trip ;)
  14. jmanz

    2020 Corvette

    It's alright. Bottom line though is Corvette still delivers high performance bang for your buck.
  15. jmanz

    Let's talk beards

    Winter is coming.
  16. jmanz

    Amazon and shipping

    It's been ages since we've ordered anything from Amazon. Guess I wouldn't know if they've changed or not.
  17. jmanz

    Kansas couple seek help making ends meet on $500,000 a year

    This family is doing great! (on their phone bill)
  18. jmanz

    Oil bust inevitable

    That's because it ran up to 60 super fast. But you "forgot" to mention that.
  19. jmanz

    Explain something to me. I will never understand

    Perhaps comes from money or else wife has a high paying job?
  20. jmanz

    All things World of Warcraft

    They were obviously warned ahead of time about you from the Amazon customer service reps.