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  1. nodle

    All things related to Nintendo

    Sounds like the new Zelda game is suffering from some screen frame rates. Not good.
  2. nodle

    Thousands of people plan to storm Area 51

    Holy shit, that is a lot of porta potties. Looks like they are preparing for a big crowd!
  3. nodle

    Thousands of people plan to storm Area 51

    It’s started!
  4. nodle

    Thousands of people plan to storm Area 51

    People already showing up for this. Starts this weekend.
  5. nodle

    John Wick - Trailer

    Watched #3 last night. Plot was strange on how it jumped around. Solid action fro beginning to the end.
  6. nodle

    Apple's iOS

    It’s out baby, and the Swype works great!
  7. nodle

    NFL Will Lose Money?

    Whoops ;)
  8. nodle

    NFL Will Lose Money?

    It's funny seeing how no one wants to higher the Kaepernick guy.
  9. nodle

    Did the world really end in 2012?

    I am seeing more and more about this online. It's getting quite the following. Something does seems strange, https://www.barstoolsports.com/chicago/a-theory-went-viral-on-twitter-saying-that-we-all-died-in-2012-and-have-been-living-in-a-simulation-ever-since
  10. nodle

    People using you because of your knowledge

    Get a call from the Pastor. "Hi, our computer is just randomly going into sleep mode, and if you turn it on it will only stay on for awhile than shut off". 😖 Let's see... thermal issue from dust, power supply, maybe HD failing? Ya something that i just have spare parts laying around for, or...
  11. nodle

    Apple's iOS

    Is it available on iOS?
  12. nodle

    Oil bust inevitable

    Well that was a small hiccup. Apparently everything is back to normal again.
  13. nodle

    Let's talk Legos

    I have always loved Legos, I miss all the old sets that I use to have. I just ordered this massive beast because it has been in my cart since the beginning of the year and I was waiting for it to come on sale. I want to build it with my daughter. Anyone else like Lego sets?
  14. nodle

    Apple's iOS

    Dude I had no idea this feature was coming. I also was just like you and use use Swype and Swiftkey. But they always seemed so buggy. Man this is great news!
  15. nodle

    Oil bust inevitable

    Makes you wonder don't it?
  16. nodle

    Oil bust inevitable

    Well maybe it's not going to last long? I see it already dropping today. https://www.msn.com/en-us/money/markets/oil-drops-sharply-as-saudi-output-seen-returning-soon-after-attacks/ar-AAHq96u?li=BBnbfcN
  17. nodle


    Still loving T-mobile, it has been some time now and I must say the service and unlimited data are great. My bill is the lowest that it has even been as well. I missed out not saving but not switching sooner.