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  1. C Pav

    All things related to Nintendo

    I feel the same. I like the switch for it being able to be somewhat handheld as well as hook up to a television. I don't like or prefer the size for a handheld. I liked the size and form factor of the old Nintendo handhelds.
  2. C Pav

    Kansas couple seek help making ends meet on $500,000 a year

    Umm, pretty sure they just suck at spending/wasting money. 3000 a month in flights? Party supplies? Vanguard contribution? Charity? I'm not even getting into the most absurd thing is their mortgage and property tax...A MONTH!!!
  3. C Pav

    Is college a scam?

    Sucks to suck and sometimes dats just how it be...
  4. C Pav

    All things World of Warcraft

    What's more rare is it's summer too.
  5. C Pav

    Tire Time

    No actually I was joking so sorry if it sounded otherwise. I was joking more about how we never knew what new tires were growing up. I was also just giving you a a jokingly hard time for new tires, again, when it seems you just got some a year ago.
  6. C Pav

    Tire Time

    Look, we grew up less than fortunate. We made it buy with used beaters and used tires only when absolutely needed. Also only replaced the tires that is bad. On special occasions we would match the tires so the front or back were the same/. Now how or why @nodle needs new tires ALL THE TIME I...
  7. C Pav

    All things World of Warcraft

    I said the same thing about WoW originally until I gave it a better chance. I get it, you are used to WoW but everything takes time.
  8. C Pav

    Vehicle windshield pull off film protectors

    Had this thought while driving to Bismarck the other day and of course since bug season the many bug splats. Make a windshield pull away/pull off film so you can pull it off after trips. Maybe, if possible, make it also small rock chip proof. I guess my idea is similar to what race car drivers...
  9. C Pav

    All things related to the Xbox One

    Let me just jump on my PC to play all the games I am interested in playing. Let me just easily and cheaply ($500 or less) build that machine without ever having to upgrade it to enjoy those frames that NOBODY NOTICES! Oh wait...
  10. C Pav

    Nostaliga items

    WHat I like is McDonalds still do a decent Halloween bucket for their kids meals around Halloween. Our son got a Charlie Brown one a few years back. I even have on hanging in my utility room the previous owner had hung to catch small drips from the water pipes and valves. No it doesn't drip all...
  11. C Pav

    Nostaliga items

    LOL I miss those. Had a huge stockpile of those caps. Drinking Dew, eating pretzels and twizzlers and scanning some computers for viruses.
  12. C Pav

    Corn Hole

    Meh, summers growing up was for slip and slide! I can see the matted down grass in my mind.
  13. C Pav

    Vehicle maintenance

    Changed the oil on our Pontiac. It's so easy to do an oil change on it but the old Chevy is a pain. The Traverse we still have a free oil change left at the dealer so have that scheduled for next week. Not sure I will want to handle that one myself ever just because the changes in warranty if...
  14. C Pav

    WHO makes gaming a 'disorder'

    Forgot about that.
  15. C Pav

    WHO makes gaming a 'disorder'

    Exactly. I mean sure if you give your kid Call of Duty God of War and other similar games and let them play them from the start then of course they could have issues. Same for anything else. Age appropriate and moderation.
  16. C Pav

    WHO makes gaming a 'disorder'

    Hmm, maybe son number 2 will be the outside sports only type...or more video games! I just dislike the parents that are so hardcore against technology or video games or whatever else. Saw a post on failbook from a "fake" health junk advocate that is popular in the area. She said "Agree 100%...
  17. C Pav

    WHO makes gaming a 'disorder'

    I'll admit there are days that we allow son to play a bit too much. Bad weather or lazy days in general. I am on the fence about it. Yes we can do better but think about growing up and how much time we spent watching cartoons. It's pretty much the same. Just seems now days kids really resist...
  18. C Pav

    WHO makes gaming a 'disorder'

    Yep, of course. Because when people work upwards to 60 to 80+ hours a week, or workout for 3+hours a day everyday and obsess about it, or when someone spends a lot of time washing their car or gardening or taking care of their yard and/or house it's considered good because it's productive life...
  19. C Pav

    All things related to the PS4

    Microsoft is just the sneaky awesome company you hate. Sony fanboy... We can argue all day. I understand that Sony overall has generally higher rated first party exclusive games. Will never argue that. My like of MS comes from the launch of the original XBox. Having a hard drive for saves and...
  20. C Pav

    All things World of Warcraft

    Throw a fancy awesome collectors edition at me and I can't help myself.